Solder extrusion machine operation process

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Solder wire Extruder main points in the process of production of the seven steps to complete the production process:
1, fill in the tin material requisition, to the warehouse to receive assignments with tin material;
2, according to the different set of tin material extruder temperature parameters of different parts;
3, put the mixture rosin flux into the flux bucket;
4, inunction lubricating grease in tin rods, in case the inunction grease too much;
5, to start the soldering tin extruder extrusion rods;
6, a class after work, carried out on the machine cleaning, lubrication, anti-rust and other maintenance work;
7, safety production, memorizing the extrusion machine identification of each switch button and machine parts. Any items cannot be stored on a channel, channel unobstructed should be maintained at any time.
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